A Million Melons

Mel Hunter has to be on guard every moment and he is never safe.  His very existence is one of the greatest, and most closely guarded secrets in the history of  of counter espionage. Things that most people don’t notice could mean death for him!

This is legit and it is a precursor to what became one of the coolest openings for a TV show ever.  In a television  movie that predates the show, Steve Austin becomes more than the man he was, as Dusty Springfield compels us to catch him, beat him, and love him; if we can. Six Million Dollar Man is swinging. He’s THE MAN!

My next door neighbor  Scott Kerman and I were pretty good friends growing up and  he was the only grandchild of  rich grandparents, so he had all of the great action figures and their accessories.  Before Star Wars the action dolls for boys like GI Joe were all twelve inches tall. I never had any of these kinds of toys growing up but my favorite one that Scott had was the Evel Knievel stunt cyle, Scott had the Steve Austin that you could actually see through the bionic eye with. Scott also has the Oscar Goldman doll with the exploding briefcase that is featured in the next clip.

Bethany, who was breastfed until she was five, thinks her mother’s milk is better than anything in the world, even mango! She  calls her mothers breast Milk Eeyore, and she would rather taste her mothers breast milk than eat a million melons! Weird and wild stuff that has to be experienced to be completely realized.

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