Dude! Where’s My Cat!

Did you take my cat home with you?

He vanished the night of Monday 8/24/09 and was last seen nearby Half Price Books on Belmont Ave. between Olive and Denny.

He is small and dark with random light hairs and probably seemed feral because it was late @ night and he was outside and he had no collar.

He may have seemed love starved but he is not, I love him very much and hope that his return will be imminent.

If you know anything regarding this matter;
please, please, please, please, please, contact;

206- 491- 7482

I would welcome him back readily, no questions asked.

His name is Gatcho, (El Gato Chocolate), and I miss him dearly.

3 responses to “Dude! Where’s My Cat!

  1. Well Pete, I’ve been waiting with jubilent anticipation for another brilliant post, but…….. Well sorry about your cat nonetheless. Hope you find him. Sorry I can”t help. I take it by the twitters that some other medium of entertainment has diverted you from writing. Please continue to write. Good Stuff!! Excellent rants for us PTSD ridden ex-Iowa serfs.

    Kind Regards
    Oslo, Norway

  2. That damn cat is back in the house.

    More insightful and incendiary commentary is coming this year. I really want to write about what happened on April 19, 1989 and intend to do so before much longer.

    I will return to this venue soon enough.

    In the meantime, you can check me out on the FB (Pete Fiedler) or on Twitter as petefied. I post stuff in both places daily and try to keep it lighter than what is going on here .


  3. Rock n Roll Pete. Perhaps a more interesting writing topic would be how they ass fucked us after 19 April. Take 1400 guys who have witnessed a horror show, then send them to the other side of the world on a floating coffin and force them to shoot the same guns. T-2 blew up every day sometimes twice a day for 180 days for me on the bridge. Couldn’t avoid looking at the damn thing. And the smell was always there…… lingering.

    Wish I lived close to “The Moose”. Packing dog shit into his mail box wouldn’t just be a whimsical pastime, it would be a profession. Juvenile…Yes. Satisfying…Oh Yeah.

    Be Good

    El Hermano

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