Using the hammer for leverage since 2007

Captain Officer Fiedler patrols the enclave under his jurisdiction, offering beer and cheer and to the residents who live there. His hard edged ways help him to cut to the midst of any troubles that arise. Known to many as the Mayor of the Bonneville, he brings thoughtful knowledge of what is, and a genuine understanding of things that should never be.

People can make rules and put up a million signs but others will always do what they do. Like myself, Marjane Satrapi was born in 1969, and unlike me she grew up in a world where music and art and free discussion was not only squelched it was also illegal. The graphic novel, Persepolis, is based  Marjane Satrapi‘s life growing up in Iran and besides being culturally enlightening, it also reminded me how cool it is to be able to blast my music super loud whenever I want.

Mostly I am not a huge fan of people, after all they are the source of our planet’s trouble. In fact you could label me a gregarious sociopath and that would be appropriate. It appears, as it has for most of my adult life, that humanity will eventually go too far and bring calamity upon itself. In a never ending quest for domination, we have selfishly appropriated the planet as our own property, and that is no good. One day, soon if we are not careful, plants will again rule the earth.

Sometime between childhood and now I stopped caring so much about things that matter and caring more about the things that do not. Politics are a sport, sports are merely entertainment, entertainment is America’s main export, and advertising is the reason that we do everything we do.  Time does not wait to happen and neither should should we. Life is a limited offer and we should get while the getting is good.

One response to “Using the hammer for leverage since 2007

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