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Brought To You By $$$$$

“I want to read good news. I want to be innocent again”

from the song Good News by Something Corporate. It can be found on their excellent 2002 record that I love; Leaving Through The Window.

When I pick up a newspaper, the shenanigans and shady dealings that fill the pages, motivates me to pause  and consider that perhaps things are finally spiraling completely out of control. For the most part this is entirely true, and the catch is that there is very little that any of us can do to make things right. For the last seven years our ship of state has served only as a pirate vessel coercing other countries to join our battle against elusive, invisible specter that is supposedly hell bent on our complete demise. With the rallying cry of “Never Forget” Americans have been lured into lazy, simplistic reasoning that allows us to view others as different than, and possibly a threat to; us. I refuse to accept this spirit of fear that has been loosed, instead choosing to see people of different races and nationalities as fellow humans like myself who, through no choice of their own, are utilized as mere pawns in a global game that makes the rich more wealthy, and bestows power upon entities who already have far more influence than is necessary.

I have heard it said that if Hillary Clinton gets elected that there will be one third of Americans who have never had a President who was not a member of the Bush or Clinton families. I do not know whether this statement is true or not but it certainly seems reasonable to believe that it could easily be. The fact that we choose our candidates from such a limited pool of contenders and the fact that they have to pony up ginormous amounts of money just to be considered as a part of the process seems to undermine the democratic myth and reinforce the idea that class ranking is the key to success in American politics.

In the 2000 election the combined total earnings for the candidates was 500 million, in 2004 we are talking 800 million, and in this years election the candidates are on track to raise a combined 1 billion bucks. (http://opensecrets.org/pres08/index.asp) Now for a guy who made about twenty grand last year, you can see how I have come to feel disassociated from the political process and how I can easily feel like I have no representation from my national political leaders. America has become an aristocracy that is no longer concerned with the peoples will, instead our political system represents only the wealthy and the powerful, two groups that are more foreign to me than any person born and raised in another country.

“And did we tell you the name of the game boy? We call it riding the gravy train.” from Have A Cigar by Pink Floyd