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As It Was In The Beginning

There are five miles of tunnels underneath the city of Portland Oregon that were used long ago to surreptitiously move drugged and drunken men who wouldn’t be missed, out of town and onto ships headed east. They all end up at the waterfront and the tunnels interconnect under the city to form a spider’s web that had ensnared many unsuspecting drunks when the slave trade was a booming economy in the Pacific Northwest.   

Bartenders would target their customers doping them with opium “knock out” drops, and as the victim began to stagger around the bar they would inevitably stumble over a strategically placed trap door that would be activated by a lever behind the bar. Counter weights made the trap door snap shut after dumping the foggy and surprised mark into tunnel below where they would be bound and transported to the port not to awaken until long after the ship was out to sea. 

Innkeepers also worked with the smugglers tipping them off when travelers returned from a night of getting shit canned. With their guard utterly diminished the inebriates would become chattel to the slave traders who provided a ready supply of able bodied men that could work on the ships that were continually leaving the port for far off lands.  

Crystal is someone that I know who had to endure years of rape and abuse at the hands of her drunken father before she ran away and became swept up in the modern slave trade that operates out of sight, generally ignored in America today. One day her mother gave her a small bottle of some sort of poison with instructions to pour it in to her father’s whiskey bottle, and when he went to the park that day to get loaded, he never came home to rape his daughter again.  

Upon arrival in Seattle she was convinced, like many young runaways, that her options were non existent so she took the “help” of a couple of pimps who tritely convinced her that they would take care of her. For years she and two other girls were forced, through violence and intimidation, to have sex with men who had contacted the escort website that her captors had set up.   

One of the girls who had been there longer than the others got to the point that she could not face the abuse that was continually being directed her way, and she refused to continue being victimized. As an example for the other two captive women, the girl was beaten and told at gunpoint that she would continue to do what the men told her. Beyond the end of her proverbial rope, the young woman refused to continue on and as a result was shot dead in front of the other two, who found that their will to resist was extinguished along with the life of the stalwart young woman who would no longer submit to further degradation.  

Eventually Crystal escaped the second stop on her houses of rape tour, only to return to life on the streets of Seattle, which can be as mean as the streets of any other major city when you are young, alone, and without options. Life on the fringes of society is one struggle after another; where to sleep, what to eat, and the continual threat of assault from the rest of the flotsam that aimlessly roam the streets like living dead.  

One night in Pioneer Square, Crystal was grabbed by an assailant who dragged her, kicking and screaming down a darkened alley intending to inflict the same redundant fate upon her that she had, seemingly, spent a lifetime enduring. This time, hardened by the experiences that she had survived, Crystal was ready for her attacker, who she stopped cold by producing a knife that she repeatedly plunged into the guy’s chest. She ran blindly into the darkness, narrowly escaping fate’s cruel grasp leaving the would-be rapist to unceremoniously bleed out on the filthy pavement.  

It is my understanding that the global slave trade is more widespread today than at any other time in human history. As Crystal’s stories reveal, we in the United States are not immune to the type of callousness that cynically allows life to be bought and sold as merely a commodity. Within the borders of this very country, humans are bought and sold like property everyday, and even though many of us have not been misfortunate enough to have been subjected to such nefariousness, the practice continues today, like it did in Portland long ago.  

Five miles of tunnels were dug under a city, to facilitate an immoral slave trade that implicated an entire community as responsible for the people who mysteriously disappeared from its taverns and boardinghouses. To this day those tunnels remind us of how we are all guilty when no one is willing to step up and take a stand against something that is so entirely wrong.   

Though lives continue to be bartered and traded for within our society, one that proclaims the equity of all, the practice is not as systemically approved of as the tunnels under Portland are indicative of. These days the slave trade is repudiated by much of the civilized world, but until it is completely eradicated, we are all to blame for allowing it to exist within our midst. There are none who are innocent so long as any others are forced to endure a lifetime of indentured servitude or rape.  

Free will is something that all humans share, and when personal freedom is usurped by force or violence, we are all to blame for the lives that are negated as a result.There is absolutely no reason that humans should be passed around as unwilling objects to be used for another’s pleasure or gain. Only when society cumulatively takes a legitimate and unified stand against human trafficking, will the slave trade cease to be profitable. Until then, the fact that human trafficking exists at all makes every single one of us guilty by association, because of our shared humanity.  

From Among Us

Hell yes! They caught the guy who stabbed Shannon Harps to death on New Years Eve just a few blocks from my apartment. It has been a little disconcerting to know that any of the derelicts who solicit change around the neighborhood could easily have been the killer. Apparently they have a positive DNA match for some guy who is already locked up in King County Jail for an unrelated charge. Hopefully this dude will enjoy the ass raping that awaits him upon arrival at prison. They say that violence begets violence and based on what this particular dirtbag has put forth I expect that for the next twenty or so years he will experience an unhealthy diet of isolation and unceremonious rape.

 Many of my friends are young women who live alone and the thought that any of them could meet such a sudden and brutal end as what befell Ms. Harps infuriates me. There is no love here for the perpetrators of such heinousness. For the last three weeks a killer has walked among us and the neighborhood has remained on edge as a result. It is my hope that the vile individual who took an undeserving life will experience the uneasiness that he inflicted here.

 Now the more sensitive among you might feel that my hostility toward this asshole crosses the line and if that is the case, too fucking bad you panty waist bleeding heart motherfuckers. If ever there was a dude whose actions denied him the benefit of any sort of sympathy, this is that guy. The judge in the case apparently agrees with my line of reasoning as the killer’s bail is set at, an out of reach, one million dollars. I don’t want him to get the death penalty as that would be too easy an out, instead I prefer that he endure a life that requires him to be vicimized redundantly. I do not absolve this so called human from his responsibility to pay for what he has taken and I will not forgive him for what he has done, that is Jesus’ job.  All of the rest of us can sleep a little bit easier now that such retardation has been removed from amongst us. RIP SH.

Aliens Are Coming So Try And Act Cool

Through everything that happened this year, I survived it, and so did almost everyone else that I know.  Apparently we have that going for us.

Benazir Bhutto essentially committed suicide by returning to her home country back in October, so when the news that they had reached her, to quash the paradoxical dream of a democratic Pakistan, I wasn’t really surprised. Let me remind you that the killers ran up on her at the rally that had originally been postponed by her being placed under house arrest soon after her arrival.

Over the last couple of months she told everyone who would listen that if she were assassinated, that Musharraf was the one behind it. When the guy came out of the hospital to announce that she had died from her injuries he proclaimed, “she has been martyred”.

There is not much sympathy over here from me for her so called sacrifice. Her father and both of her brothers were all murdered by political rivals and she had been driven from office under dubious circumstances not once but twice before.

The writing was on the wall honey, those dudes were not down for you so why push it, which is funny because supremely educated women are usually such big sellers in the Muslim world. Go figure, just don’t try and go home again.

Despite the fact that I am limited to the network and local offerings plucked freely off of the airwaves, I still spend way too much time gaping vacantly at the machine an earlier generation called the idiot box. Old people are usually wrong about most things related to progress and in this case they could not be more so.

Advertising works and the fact that so many of us will sit for so many hours everyday, and allow images to be seared into our subconscious mind is nothing short of sheer genius. When the television writers walked out on November 1st, there were over 60 shows in production and the television season was doing what it is supposed to do, exciting and enthralling viewers coast to coast while brainwashing us to buy fast food and shop at Wal-Mart.

At this point pretty much all of the shows have stopped production and the only new fare offered by the networks are mostly inane reality programs and always insipid game shows. Without question the writers are deserving of a greater share of the pie and I support their quest to achieve equitable compensation for their efforts, it is after all quite challenging to sit down and conjure something from nothing.

Keep The Car Running, the song by a real band from Montreal called, The Arcade Fire, reminds me of the song On The Darkside from the movie  Eddie and The Cruisers. In the 1983 movie, On the Darkside is performed by the fictional Eddie, but in real life the song cracked the top ten on the singles charts by reaching number seven.

Though merely a Springsteen sound alike, flash in the pan, John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, were the actual band that got paid because of the songs success. They parlayed their noteriety by appearing on the sondtracks of two Stallone movies as well.

In Rocky IV, their song Hearts on Fire encourages Rocky to feel “no pain” during the memorable training sequence in the snow. Crime is the disease and Marion Cobretti is the cure, in  Cobra, another godawful Stallone effort from the eighties that also features the band from Rhode Island.

And finally, you have got to see this, from the American evangelist and televised maniac, Jack Van Impe. He warns us all how aliens, are “the rage of the age”, and how “soon a star wars battle will rage among the planets”. Remember that when the aliens take over, you were warned here first.

Wacky Jack might be right though, as we learned from a BBC News report, that details how we might be facing a real life threat from above and actually be in danger of immenant invasion. A former UFO expert with the British Government declares that British air defenses are regularly penetrated my unexplained aircraft. Who knew?

Happy New Year everyone.

Please try to not act stupid 2008.

Racism is lame.

H8 everyone with equal fury.